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January Membership Meeting: 01/18/21

1st Time Attendee Orientation: 6-6:30PM

General Meeting: 6:30PM-8PM

To attend, please register in advanced. 

PloNo Santa Ana : Soil Lead Contamination

Upcoming Steps to our lead contamination campaign is working with regional stakeholders, community based organizations, and leaders to include efficient policy language that addresses the soil lead contamination poisoning Santa Ana. In addition, we are advising Santa Ana city staff and city council to push forward improved community engagement strategies that adequately encompasses our most vulnerable community members. 


OCEJ has established a PloNo / Lead Subcommittee that meet every other week beginning February 1st 2021. Please contact for Zoom link. However please attend our January Membership Meeting to catch up on updates, meet the members, and be informed on next steps. 


PhotoVoice: Water Quality

Upcoming Steps to our Photovoice campaign is mobilizing passionate individuals throughout Orange County to spark dialogue on water quality via photos. The goal is to encapsulate the fact certain communities, such as Fullerton, are exposed to toxic levels of chemicals. To read more please see Hydroviv's article: Problems we found in Fullerton, CA drinking water. To learn more on OCEJ's past and upcoming efforts, please visit our Photovoice page. 

OCEJ has established a Photovoice/ Water Quality Subcommittee, meeting occurrences will be established after our January Membership Meeting on the 18th. Please contact if you are interested in joining subcommittee or to learn more or clarify any questions. We'd be happy to help. We hope to see you at our January Membership Meeting to catch up on updates, meet the members, and be informed on next steps. 


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