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Environmental Justice Organizing Academy

Our academy has trained youth of color in our Community Science Organizing Model. Through eight modules on topics such as Indigenous Sovereignty, Climate and Environmental Justice, and Policy Advocacy, we prepared them to mobilize in their cities as OCEJEF members to investigate environmental injustices, hold elected officials accountable, and implement Just Transition policy changes.


Our mission is to expand our organizing efforts by engaging our member base and new contacts in our ongoing projects. Through our partnerships with Orange County’s low-income communities of color, academic institutions, and local stakeholders, we will build resident power to influence decisions in a region with low support from public officials on environmental justice issues, and to take on the multiple, decentralized agencies with discrepant degrees of jurisdiction over environmental, climate, and health issues.

Who can participate in the academy?

Anyone between the ages of 16-26 years old residing in Orange County can apply. Due to COVID-19, applicants are not required to be in Orange County to participate as our academy will be held mostly online, unless otherwise stated.

What is the timeline ?

EJOA is a 8 week course and class meets on Saturday & Sunday 10am-1pm. Start date varies and is TBD for 2022.

How to Apply

To apply, please click the button below. Please make sure to revise qualifications. If you have a question or would like to discuss any other information, please contact our Lead organizer:

We hope you apply, but if you have any concerns or questions, please reach out to us- we'd be happy to help :)

Previous EJOA Classrooms
2021 EJOA

This year we had 2 separate tracks.

Track I: Grassroot Organizing & Track II: Electoral Organizing 

Curriculum for Track I & II

Week 0: Welcome Session 

Week 1: Indigenous Sovereignty 

Week 2: Political Education

Track I Curriculum:

Week 3: Community organizing 

Week 4: Water Contamination 

Week 5: Environmental Toxins 

Week 6: Environmental Justice

Week 7: Climate Justice 

Week 8: Policy Advocacy 


  Marissa Kassieh               Miriam Montano            Samantha Becaria

     Matt Yepez                     Gilberto Cabrera                 Nio Gonzalez

   Sandra Salazar                 Gabriela Olmedo             Memoona Syed

  Andrea Morales                  Ariana Cabello                  Nicole Green           Jeremy Santos                                                               Katie Tadique

Track II Curriculum:

Week 3: EJ in Politics

Week 4: EJ in Plans and Budgets

Week 5: Green New Deal 

Week 6: Telling your Story

Week 7: Campaign 

Week 8: Community Accountability &

   Constructive Electoral Practices 

Parallel Lines
2020 EJOA


Week 0: Welcome Session

Week 1: Political Education

Week 2: Decolonization

Week 3: Community Organizing

Week 4: Water

Week 5: Environmental Toxins

Week 6: Environmental Justice

Week 7: Climate Justice

Week 8: Electoral Organizing


Katie Tadique

Keila Villegas

Nathalie Carillo Munoz

Kayla Asato

Marymar Vacio

Kathleen Johnson

Ness Rodriguez

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